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Dynamic homepage design.
March 2023

The Product

Brikr is a project management website with connected catalogs, resources, and tools built to help personnel in the entertainment industry streamline production.

As a startup, they needed a fresh homepage that would convert new site visitors into paying customers.

Below The Fold

Enticing Scrolling via High Contrast

Free Trial CTA

Following the product-led SaaS sales model, incorporating a free trial should improve the company's conversion rate. However; as a new company, including a way to contact sales will further boost trust.

Why Does That Matter?

Getting businesses to purchase a subscription plan for software they have never used before is a tall order. Most companies want to be sure every dollar they spend on third-party tools helps them achieve better results or make their work easier.

The notion of a free trial implies low risk and no commitment. Furthermore, users get the chance to test all the functionalities of your tool and make a more educated purchase decision.


Hover Interaction

Problem Faced

While the hover over function is great for desktops and laptops, it poses a problem for touch screens.


To combat this issue, a click event would display the product data instead of the hover event.

Key Takeaways

I followed a strategic framework for creating a high-converting SaaS homepage. I distilled the company down to a one-sentence value prop for the hero section, created a smart CTA that provides clients with an opportunity to test the product before committing to a purchase, and provided the logic through incorporating high-contrast product features.

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